SODA Training Program Announcement

Somatic Movement Educator training

Somatic Dialogues Academy (SODA) announces its 500 hours training program for people with a profound interest in somatics to become qualified Somatic Movement Educators. The program will be running from June 2023 until June 2025.

The curriculum covers the foundation of somatics, including movement principles, movement processes, somatic awareness, movement repatterning, somatic organization, verbal and non-verbal communication and movement analysis.

The program brings materials from Body-Mind Centering®, Laban Bartenieff Movement Analysis®, Skinner Releasing Technique®, Contact Improvisation, and focuses on the additional information, resources that might emerge from this „dialogue”

The SODA (Somatic Dialogues Academy) team is a partnership of somatic professionals who work together for many years and share a history in the dialogue of different body awareness and somatic schools they represent. The training prepares students to register as Somatic Movement Educators at ISMETA (International Somatic Movement Education and Therapy Association) and enables them to meet its professional standards.

The program consists of two consecutive phases. The first phase consists of 300 hours and runs from June 2023 until June 2024. This phase will focus on the mastery of body and movement awareness. The competencies gained by the end of this phase are: primary movement principles, observations of movement processes, supporting somatic awareness, practicing movement repatterning, articulating observation of posture and somatic organization, skillful use of verbal and non-verbal communication, movement analysis.

The second phase consists of 200 hours and runs from August 2024 to July 2025. The competencies and skills to gain by the end of the second phase are: designing and facilitating movement activities, developing lesson plans, fostering movement repatterning; leading experiential explorations. The program is suitable for professionals from different backgrounds, including the fields of therapy, care, arts, movement. By the end of the program, students will be enabled to integrate, use and apply their knowledge and skills in Somatics according to their field of interest.

The maximum absence is 10% of the total number of lessons.

The training program takes place in Budapest, Hungary (Sín Arts, Gyutacs u. 10., 1139) and ten percent of the whole education will happen online. The program is bilingual (English-Hungarian). (map)

Application process for the first phase (300 hours)

Entry requirement: profound interest in somatics, dedication, experience in free movement exploration.

You can apply by filling out the application form that you can find and send to

Deadline of application: 02 June 2023.

After the application form is received, the applicant will be invited for a half an hour personal interview in Budapest with two members of the teaching team. The interview can be arranged online on personal request.


Payment methods/constructions for the first 300 Hours:

1. 3750 EUR in one sum pay until 10/June 2023

2. 1362 EUR /trimester
pay until 10/June 2023, 31/December 2023, 30/April /2024

3. Monthly payment construction
750 EUR//until 10/June, after that monthly payment 305 EUR/ 12 Month

Dates and planned themes:


11-17/June: Introduction to Somatics, Body Awareness

17-20/August: Self and Others, Ethical touch

12-15/October: Movement Dynamics

24-25/November ONLINE: Overview & Reflection


11-14/January: Body Connectivity & Somatic Organization

2, 9, 16, 23/February ONLINE: Somatics in the online space

21-24 /March : Body & Space

12-13/April ONLINE: Theory & Groupwork

25-28/April: Connectivity

24-25/May ONLINE: Preparation for Mid-course Project

14-23/June: Integration & Creation, Mid-course Project